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Commercial Services

MP Aerials & Satellites provides commercial solutions to the whole communal sector, for agents that have hundreds of properties in there portfolio’s to sole landlords looking to convert their existing aerial system to a digital system which could include Freeview, Satellite, FM or DAB. We also are skilled with CCTV and door entry systems, thus providing commercial property managers with the total spectrum of skills required to keep your clients satisfied without contacting a multitude of different companies.

Delivering digital TV to multiple dwellings involves the installation of a communal aerial system which distributes a signal through a building, such as a block of flats or housing terrace, using a wiring system that shares the same signal source. There are many of these systems to choose from, but by far the most suitable to meet the digital TV needs of the housing sector is an Integrated Reception System (IRS).

By collecting the broadcast signals from both terrestrial and satellite transmitters, as well as radio signals from the new Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB), an IRS offers the ultimate in TV choice by leaving residents free to choose exactly how they receive their digital entertainment. All of these signals are then distributed to a 3 socket wall outlet plate in the main rooms – leaving the entire home digital ready.

The cables are screened from electrical interference so the system can deliver all available TV channels to the resident, including both analogue, digital terrestrial, digital satellite and even the sought after SKY + service. Because the IRS solution means that your housing association does not have to favour one particular provider of TV programming, leaving the choice to the customer – it is the route that MP Aerials & Satellites recommends.